Color psychology in online casinos

Language that the world understands
Communicate colors. This is like a language that is understood all over the world, although there are slight differences between different cultures and also from person to person.

Colors have the ability to have a manipulative effect because they are processed intuitively rather than consciously. For this reason, the effects of colors often transcend judgments of feeling and rational thought.

It’s all part of the psychology of color, and this knowledge is consciously used by online casino creators to give recognition to their brands and convey very specific subconscious messages to players. And, of course, everyone wants to be different from the crowd, to be unique, to be remembered.

Comparison: colorful messages in nature
Not only do colors play an important role in online casino branding — the fact that colors have certain effects is as old as the world, and has always been observed in the world of animals and plants. Or why are flowers, corals, fish and poisonous animals so colorful?

Poison dart frogs use red, orange and yellow combined with black, warning colors designed to deter predators. Males often have charming plumage to convince females of themselves. Flowers and fruits are brightly colored to attract pollinators and other seed couriers to ensure successful reproduction. Pretty clear messages!

The main colors and their meanings
Online casinos want to tell us something by choosing colors. But what are they? How do we control which colors?

Blue: harmony, friendliness, objectivity, loyalty, trust, reliability, restraint, relaxed.

Purple: strength, extravagance, magic, anything out of the ordinary and ambiguous, but also luxury, charm, pride, sexuality and passion, immoral, forbidden.

Red: Happiness, joy, energy and zest for life, strength, fight, impulsiveness, seduction, activity

Orange: extraversion, pleasure, sociability, activity, desire, pleasure, refreshment and fun.

Yellow: cheerfulness, optimism, cheerfulness, wealth (gold), but also naivety, lying, stinginess and envy.

Green: hope, naturalness, health, youthfulness, vitality, fertility, growth, peace, willingness to help, tranquility.

Colors reveal online casino intentions
If you look at the colors and the feelings associated with them, it suddenly becomes clear why so many online casinos dress in warm colors — red and orange simply symbolize the excitement, passion and thrill that attract many people to gambling.

If you would like to look serious and smart, like a star lawyer or a successful businessman, because the combination of black and white is often combined with intellectual activity and intelligence . Black and white are also popular in combination with brighter colors , on the one hand to make them shine due to a good contrast, and on the other hand to avoid overstimulating the eyes with too many bright colors .

And green? Green has everything an online casino would want. Not hard for Mr. Green — he probably never stands long in front of a closet and ponders!



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Zeph Simon

Zeph Simon

In the past, I was a professional gambler. At the moment my career as a gambler is over, so I do reviews on current and past gambling topics, and gambling sites